13 Pictures Of The Most Hilarious Soaps You Will Ever See


There is an old saying that without marketing, nothing would happen. Many of us see the truthfulness of that statement when we work at a marketing firm or when our job involves marketing in some way or another. As it turns out, it also touches individual lives and if you really look around you, you will see some evidence of it as well.

Sometimes, it may touch us in a large way, such as buying a new automobile or perhaps purchasing some type of insurance. At other times, however, the effect may be somewhat more subtle but it is still something that can touch us on a very personal level. When thinking about this, we can’t really decide on anything that touches us or more of the personal level than soap. In fact, it is something that all of us use every day and we rarely ever give it any thought.


Now there is a soap company, the Whiskey River Soap Company, that is doing some rather unique things when they put out a product. Anybody could put together a bar of soap and package it for other people to use. This company, however, is taking things so the next level and they are making soap for everybody because they are making it personal. I’m not talking about making soap for a man and a woman, talking about making soap if your creepy uncle or an Internet troll. That’s right, it doesn’t matter what your personality or your claim to fame happens to be, it is likely that there will be a product for it.

As you look down through these 13 pictures, you’re going to see that they are not only unique, they are downright hilarious. In fact, you may just want to consider getting some for yourself or a friend, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.














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