20 Lies That Parents Tell Their Kids And They Are HILARIOUS


Parents have a certain level of responsibility to take care of their children and they often do so in the most unusual ways possible. In fact, many parents take that responsibility quite seriously and they could even cross certain lines in the process. You have probably experienced this when you were a child and now that you’re an adult, you may be guilty of the same.

One of the ways in which it takes place is that parents sometimes lie to their children but they do so for their own good. It may not seem like it when we were children but when we look back on those lies as adults, we often can’t help but laugh just a little. In fact, we may bring them up to our parents on occasion and ask them what they were thinking when they told them!


As you go down through the following 20 lies that parents tell children, it is likely to bring about some nostalgic feelings. Although you may not have heard all of them and quite honestly, some of them are quite unusual, you probably have heard some in one form or another. Imagine your parents taking the time to tell you these little fibs and to do so, often because it was the most convenient way to get you to do something or to stop doing something.

When most of us hear these lies, we think about our parents and sometimes we wonder how they could have been so cruel. Try to look at it in a different way. Your parents were talking to you, so what does that say for your behavior?

1. Dirty water?

Who would drink Black water?

2. This was creative

Who would honestly want their child to watch this movie

3. The death of happy meals

I wonder what comes with a sad meal?

4. Say it ain’t so


5. This one was creative

At least it worked

6. A natural deterrent

Good thing the kid didn’t like worms

7. The world is full of mystery

Maybe the mother didn’t actually know

8. Invitation-only

This parent obviously didn’t want to eat at Chucky cheese

9. An impromptu anatomy lesson

Enjoy your scallops

10. This one was for their own good

I bet they held hands tightly

11. Chew, don’t swallow

Bouncy poop?

12. Anatomy lessons

Good thing she took sex ed

13. Grandmas rule!

Extreme overboard

14. Word limitations

I’d cap it at 5000

15. That’s just weird

Okay then

16. Ouch


17. Fear of flying

Hopefully they weren’t on the plane

18. The real Santa

Smart dad

19. Works for young kids

Yeah parents

20. Keep your fingers to yourself

A little overboard

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