22 People Who Are Learning A Hard Lesson From Karma


As we go through life, we are going to run into situations that may not be exactly what we thought they would be. Sometimes, we end up working our way through the situation without much backlash but at other times, it seems as if the entire world is against us in our endeavors. That is when many people feel as if karma is kicking in.

It doesn’t only happen to us but many times, it happens to those who just seem to be having a bad day themselves. Some of them may get under our skin, such as the guy blowing his horn at us behind our car or perhaps somebody that cuts us off in line without so much as even an “excuse me.” These are individuals that we often referred to as being jerks, but the fact of the matter is, they may be due for a little bit of karma as well.


Sometimes, we see people who do these annoying things and it just continues to bother us for the rest of the day. From our perspective, it seems as if they are getting away with everything and we are the ones that have to suffer as a result of their rude behavior. When you are actually able to see behind the scenes, however, you recognize that there are going to be times when karma catches up with them as well. At that point, you have the golden opportunity to laugh at their misfortune.

You never really know when things are going to turn out for the better or for the worse. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of rolling the dice and seeing what turns up. For now, however, you can enjoy these people and the fact that karma caught up with them in the best way possible.

1. The perfect interview

2. Stop messing with my laundry

3. Bad park job

4. had it coming

5. Don’t be a fool

6. Always share your pizza with the cat

7. Bunny ears karma

8. Don’t park in front of the dumpsters

9. For the girl that stole the booze

10. Wet cement

11. You had this one coming

12. Never leave your dog in the car

13. Bike thief karma

14. Hit and run fail

15. He almost hit a student and got towed the next day

16. When hipsters disturb people

17. When you are a scumbag

18. You are not above the law

19. Never park in front of the hydrant

20. Be careful what you eat

21. When you don’t know how to park

22. The mother had enough

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