3 Men Suddenly Appear When A 77-Year-Old Woman Is At The ATM. Too Bad For Them!


When most of us think about an older woman, the thought already frail human comes to mind. We may think about them shuffling along, slowly moving from one place to another but as we are about to see, that image is not always accurate. In fact, there are times when it is about as opposite as it could possibly be.

Of course, most of us recognize the fact that we don’t want to mess with grandma. Even though we may be more spry or younger than she is, she has the experience that can really cause her to win out in almost any struggle. Not everybody must understand this lesson but for the three young men in this video, the lesson is going to be one that they don’t forget very often.


It happened when a 77-year-old grandmother was out for the day and, like many people, realized that she could use a little bit of cash. She may be 77, but obviously she understands how to use an ATM machine so she stopped by one to pick up some cash for the day. That is when things started to get a little bit interesting. You see, it was a day that three young men are never going to forget. Their names are Piper Dumitru, Florin Geblescu, and Felix Stoica and they are now somewhere they never expected to be, prison.

This British grandmother may be 77 years old, but she is not about to be a pushover when it comes to dealing with thugs like this.

As this woman began to take care of the transaction, she suddenly realized that somebody was on her right. He came up and pushed her, knocking her off balance.

It was then that she realized another male was behind her and she acted from a memory.

Earlier that day, she saw these men when she was coming out of the bank.

The second man tried to draw £200 from her account but that is when things got interesting.

When the man was trying to grab the withdrawal, she grabbed him by the collar and smacked his head into the ATM. Before the men were able to take off, she got in three good hits. She then reported it and they were picked up in no time.

The police were able to identify the man easily because Stoica still had blood on his face. They are currently serving time in jail, even though she thought that they should have just been talked to about the situation.

According to this woman, she won’t soon be roaming the streets trying to get justice on thugs. “They did not care about how this would affect me. I would definitely say this has changed my life, I will never have the confidence I once did. I only hope my confidence returns.”

She certainly should have confidence in her ability to take care of herself. One thing is certain, she left a mark on these thugs that they won’t forget or a very long time.

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