Woman Targets Celebrity Instagram Pictures And Re-Creates Them In The Best Way Possible


It seems as if everybody has their own Instagram account today and if you follow anybody on that social network, you are going to see some rather interesting things. Typically, people will post pictures of themselves or places that they have been and we get to follow along with their lives, whether we want to or not. Sometimes, you even get a surprise or two.

Although we may follow many friends and family members on Instagram, there are also plenty of celebrities and they seem to dominate the space. Those celebrities, like our friends and family, take pictures of themselves and post them to the social network. It is then up to the loyal followers to press the like button or perhaps even share those pictures with others so that it makes the celebrities even more famous.


There is a particular truth about social networking that many of us have come to realize. It doesn’t matter who we are or what our status is in life, things are never going to be perfect. It is difficult to tell sometimes, because everybody makes those pictures look as perfect as possible. It really has given a lot of people a complex, feeling as if their life does not stack up against others who post pictures to the social networks. Now one woman has taken it to task and she is following the celebrity profiles in the funniest way possible.

Her name is Celeste Barber and she is an Australian comedian. She has re-created many celebrity profile pictures in the past and now she is doing so again. If you have seen her work before, you are going to laugh at what she did this time. If you haven’t seen her work in the past, you’re in for a treat.














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