Jase From ‘Duck Dynasty’ Just Shaved His Beard. Here’s Why


When most people think about the Duck Dynasty television show, they probably first think about the long beards that were worn by the men in the show. There is no doubt that they were a big part of their fame and they made them almost instantly recognizable at various events. The father and sons had the beards, and they were quite epic.

Of course, most of us have family traditions and for the Robertsons, it was the facial hair. For other families, it might be getting together at a certain time of the year or perhaps even passing down a name from one generation to the next. It is something that we often do without giving it much thought but if someone breaks the tradition, it is really a big deal.


That is what made this decision on one of the Duck Dynasty stars such a shocker. Jase Robertsons, one of the 4 sons on the show decided it was time to shave his beard and cut his hair and he actually went through with it on Labor Day weekend. Admittedly, most of us wouldn’t have really given it a second thought and we might even wonder what the big deal is. After all, it grows back. For the Robertsons, however, shaving their beard is a huge deal, as they are practically considered to be a family member.

As it turns out, Jase wasn’t just doing it to change his looks, he had a good cause in mind. The Robertsons were on a mission to raise $100,000 for the Mia Moo Fund, a charity that is near and dear to them. It was named after their daughter, who was born with a cleft lip and palate. Jase was determined to cut his beard and hair if they met the target.

Unfortunately, they fell short and only raised $35,000 but his wife posted on Instagram that he was still going through with it. They then posted the makeover on Facebook.

Missy, Jase’s wife, filmed the crowd and interviewed family members as he was being groomed in private. Mai, their daughter said she hadn’t seen her father shaved and with short hair for about 8 years.

Facebook video may take a moment to load:

Phil, who is the father, told the film crew why they have beards: “Being a Bible man, therefore I’ve concluded, God made males whereby hair comes out of their face. Surely he didn’t do that so you would have to cut it off every day. … I’m just saying, if hair comes out of your face, you say, ‘It’s almost like he put it there because he thought you would at least need it.’”

He even says that he would go the “Old French Style” for women, since they didn’t shave their armpits or legs (although many of them did).

After the video, Jase walks out with a clean shave and haircut. Even Jase is surprised at the change!

The family also shared a time lapse video of the makeover as it happened. Many of Jase’s followers seem to be happy with the change.

“I love it Jase!! Gonna be cold in that duck blind but definitely worth it. You’re a good Christian man and a great inspiration to young fathers like myself. Keep on doing what you do. This world needs the Robertson family more than ever. We love y’all!,” one fan commented on the Facebook post.

Another said, “That was an amazing thing you did, thank you! My son was born with a cleft, and we had no idea until the first moment we saw him. Thank you for bringing more awareness to this!”

Others commented on how good they think Jase looks now. “I love his new look. He is a very handsome man, at [sic] this makes him younger. He did it for such a great cause. Jase and Missy were always my favorites!!”

Some fans were just surprised that he went through with it and some didn’t recognize him.

Most elders and his siblings think he should grow it back and the fans seem to agree.

One person, however, is very happy, his wife!

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