There Is A Penny In Circulation Worth $85,000. Can You Spot It?


Most of us don’t really think much about pennies. In fact, if we were to drop a penny, we might not even take the effort to bend over and pick it up. After all, you can’t get much for a single cent these days but you might be surprised to learn that one of those coins could be worth a “pretty penny.”

There have always been certain coins that are quite rare and they could bring a fair price when you find them. In fact, copper pennies that date from 1943 or some of the more valuable that you will ever find on the market. They may look like a regular penny to most people, but there is a mistake on them from the printing process that makes him rarer. When you find one, you have reason to celebrate.


During the war years, copper was difficult to come by and was regulated. During 1943, the United States conserved copper and decided to strike new pennies on stainless steel. Those steel pennies are also rare but copper pennies from 1943 are quite a unique find. In fact, they may be worth as much as $85,000!

If you have some old coins in your home, you might want to sort through them before you cash them in.

Most of us don’t take a very close look at our change but there might be some gems hiding right under your nose.

You should keep an eye out for any coins that are more than a few decades old. One specific penny from 1943 is worth a lot more than a cent.

In 1943, solid copper pennies were rare and they are now quite valuable.

Since 1982, copper prices increased so pennies only have a copper veneer. Prior to that time, they were made from solid copper with the exception of 1943.

When the United States was fighting World War II during 1943 and 1944, the war effort required a lot of copper. That is when the US mint decided to stop making pennies from copper and made them from steel.

You’ll still find some silver tone pennies from 1943 in circulation and they are valuable as well to a certain extent. If a steel penny is in excellent condition, it could be worth $10.

The steel pennies were not the best idea because they started to rust and were often mistaken for dimes. It was an unsuccessful experiment, so the government tried to remove the steel pennies from circulation and returned to a copper coin. Some of those steel pennies were even coated with a copper veneer.

Despite the fact that steel was only to be used in 1943, some mistakes were made. A few copper pennies were made in that year rather than steel but there are only three known in existence.

Any of those pennies were an accident and are quite rare so they are very valuable. You just have to check them with a magnet to make sure they are actually copper.

A copper penny from 1943 in good condition could be worth $85,000.

If it is in mint condition and untouched, it could be worth a lot more. Even if it is damaged, however, you could have quite a find.

Be sure to look through your old coins to see if you have any hidden treasure.

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