German Supermarket Removes Foreign Food From The Shelves To Make Their Point On Racism


We live in a world that seems to be getting smaller on a daily basis. Thanks to the Internet and the ability people have to communicate worldwide, it seems as if nothing is out of our reach. We see it in our day-to-day lives and in some cases, we may not even recognize just how much our lives are influenced by faraway places.

Sometimes, however, people look at different parts of the world in a way that really shows their hatred for others. It is a real problem in many parts of the world and racism is something that seems to touch lives, no matter where we happen to be. It is nothing new and it has been a problem for many years but most recently, it seems like many people are becoming aware of the problem.


That is why Edeka supermarket in Hamburg decided to surprise all their customers and they did so to make a real statement. When they went into the store in the morning, they found that the shelves were practically empty. The only products that were left on the shelves were actually made in Germany. Many customers thought they did not restock the shelves until they looked at some of the signs that were left around. Those signs read “So empty is a shelf without foreigners,” and “This shelf is quite boring without variety.”

Edeka was making a rather bold move and one that was controversial as well. They made a decision that they would only sell German food for a day and the statement was all about racism and ethnic diversity. Imagine a store that didn’t have any Spanish tomatoes or Greek olives! There was nothing that wasn’t made in Germany on the shelves. They wanted people to know that they stood for diversity and that diversity creates a unique universe that we can all enjoy.

You can see what the customers saw in these pictures.








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