13 Times Nature Wowed Us With Transparent Critters

I think it goes without saying that all of us enjoy seeing animals and the little critters that tend to be in our proximity. Some of these are going to be close to us and we might even have an animal by our side because many of us have pets in our home. When we step outside of our personal area, however, we begin to recognize that the world is a wild and wonderful place. That becomes apparent when you see some of the transparent creatures that exist in the world around us. Take a look at these examples and enjoy.

1. The Transparent Juvenile Surgeonfish

2. The Portuguese Man o’ War

3. The Glasswing Butterfly

4. The Icefish

5. The Sea Gooseberry

6. The Ghost Shrimp

7. A chain of Salpa Maxima

8. The Glass Frog

9. The Amphipod Cystisoma Neptuni

10. The Glass Octopus

11. The Pelagic Nudibranch

12. The Juvenile Cowfish

13. The Golden Tortoise Beetle