The Funniest Wildlife Pictures Of 2018 Have Been Announced And They Are Hilarious

People love animals for a number of different reasons. If we have a pet in our home, we probably love them because they bring us unconditional love and they may make our day a little bit brighter. Even if we don’t have a pet, we probably still appreciate wildlife and what those animals are able to bring to us as well. Even if we aren’t in the general area and we only see them on television, it’s amazing to watch them and see everything they are able to do.

One of the things we may appreciate about animals is the fact that they can make us laugh from time to time. That is clearly seen in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. There were 2000 entries posted and they considered a number of factors when making their decisions as to which are the best. One thing is certain, the humor behind the pictures remains at a high level every year and 2018 is no different. Here are the best of the best.

1. Caught in the act

2. Just snapping a picture

3. Well now…

4. So happy

5. Doing a split

6. Just climbing a tree

7. I have a headache

8. Gangsters

9. A little smooch

10. Don’t forget to drive safe

11. You can’t see me

12. How to hide a moose

13. Bullies

14. Doing some yoga

15. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me

16. derp

17. Sparta

18. Just a little dance

19. How to fly a hyena

20. Blowing kisses

21. I’m so ashamed

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