Cat Loves His Litter Box Reading Material Made By The Kids

There are certain things that we all do, although we might not talk about it publicly. One of those things is something we do in private when we are in the bathroom. I’m talking about reading, and some of us find great pleasure in catching up on the latest while we are “occupied” in this private room. Perhaps it is the privacy or it might be the quiet, but in any case, it is something we likely enjoy.

That is why it should not come as such as surprise when you discover that cats might also have a similar habit. At least this cat does. His name is Baba Ganoush and he came into his family when he was a kitten. He is now 7 years old and he loves his human family. He also enjoys his privacy and when he is in that private area, he takes advantage of it by catching up on the latest. Of course, he didn’t do it on his own; he had some help from his human siblings.

His human sisters are 10 and 12 years old and they noticed that he was always staring at the wall when he was occupied in the litter box. This is when they decided to do something special for their feline sibling. They made him a newspaper and hung it on the wall where he could read through it when he was in the litter box.

“They have made a couple issues so far and it started when we moved recently,” the father said. “Probably early fall. They are all the girls’ ideas.”

When the kitty stops by the litter box now, he sees a wonderful newsletter full of excellent content and human interest stories. Those stories include a feline beauty pageant and weather reports, complete with information on the latest feline hurricane.

It also has news reports on new candy bars, perfect for felines and a pawlitics update section where the feline can catch up on the latest.

It is wonderful when a family takes care of their pets. Sometimes, it involves feeding them properly or perhaps making sure they get to the vet’s office when they aren’t quite feeling well. It is amazing but cat owners really care about their felines and want what is best for them. Perhaps you also have a cat and can completely relate to what this family did. You may not take things quite this far but you would for the love of your pet.

Cats are some of the most intelligent animals and there has been an ongoing debate about who is smartest, dogs or cats. Most of us would probably lean toward the side of the cat and we may even feel more strongly on the subject after reading this article. One thing that we can all agree on is the fact that cats are awesome. Are they able to read the paper? Not really, but this cat is stealing hearts online with her abilities.

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