Dog’s Owner Passes Away And The Pup “Runs Away” Everyday, Then The Son Follows Him

If you have ever had a special dog in your life, you realize just how brilliant they can be. Dogs tend to add a lot to our lives and when they are part of our family, they are just as important to us as any human family member. We get to experience everything that they experience, including the good times and the bad times and sometimes, they can really surprise us.

Most of us have had the experience of feeling grief over the loss of a pet. It can be a very strong emotion and at times, it can be difficult to overcome. Most of us are so grieved over the loss of a pet that we feel it as strongly or perhaps even more strongly as if a human family member had passed away. What may come as a surprise to you is the fact that dogs also feel the loss when a family member passes away as well.

This fact will become very clear to you when you see the story about this dog, named Cesur. He had been a loyal companion to his owner for two years when that owner, a 79-year-old man, passed away. He had passed away in the hospital in Turkey after being paralyzed due to a serious illness and the dog was heartbroken.

According to his son, “Because of my father’s paralysis, they had a different kind of connection. When my father was in the hospital during his last days, Cesur stopped eating.”

The body was brought home from the hospital and the dog continued to stay by his side, refusing to move. He even was out in front of the funeral procession when it was on its way to the graveyard.


During the funeral, Cesar sat down beside the casket, keeping his head bowed throughout the entire burial.

“Nobody could touch him until my father was taken to the grave and was buried,” Ali says.

He continued to stand vigil as the casket was lowered into the ground.

It was after the funeral, however, that Cesur began to display some traits that were rather unusual. He continued to grieve over the loss of his friend but he also would disappear on a daily basis, running away while Ali was working.


Nobody had any idea where he was going and it was a mystery why he would disappear and then reappear later in the day.

Cesur continued to live with Ali and the grief that he was feeling over the loss of his owner just continued to grow stronger. Perhaps we have felt similarly when we lost someone that was close to us. There is an old saying that “time heals all wounds” but sometimes, the passing of time doesn’t really close the wound, it just makes it seem to grow worse.


It seems as if Cesur was feeling something similar in his life and he continued to disappear every day until finally, Ali decided he would follow the dog to see where he was going.

Ali stayed home from work that day and decided to follow Cesur and see where he was going. Cesur didn’t deviate from his normal pathway and even though he was being followed closely by Ali, who was also taking pictures, he was determined to make it to his destination.


When he finally arrived at the destination, Ali was shocked to see that he was going to visit his owner’s grave. In fact, it was obvious that he was there on a regular basis because there were pawprints that were going to and from the grave that told the tale.

“The people who work in the cemetery say the first thing he does in the morning is visit the grave of my father,” Ali explains. It’s amazing that Cesur was able to touch so many lives in this display of respect and love for his lost companion.


It was not only the family that was touched by the fact that he would make this treck on a daily basis, even the people who work at the cemetery recognized that he was going out of his way to visit a lost friend.

Only time will tell if Cesur is able to recover from this grief. It is touching, however, to realize that he is visiting a lost friend every day and continues to do so faithfully, even though he is living in a new home.

Ali will continue to take care of his father’s dog and will not stop him from making this daily visit that is obviously so important to him.

“Cesur has always been a noble animal. He will live with me from now on,” Ali says.

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