Meet Apricot the Little Two Tone Rescue Kitten With Twice The Cuteness

We all know kittens are cute, but ever so often, there are some extraordinarily adorable kitties out there, like this little two-toned darling. Meet Apricot, a rescue kitten with a story as unique as her look.


Now, it’s not every day we see a kitten who looks like two kitties in one, and the reason for Apricot’s appearance might surprise you.

You see, Apricot is a breed called a chimera. These cats have very unusual fur tones, which can result in some pretty strange markings.


However, Apricot is more than two-toned. She is really two different cats merged as one. You see when Apricot was in her mom’s womb, two embryos with two separate sets of DNA blended together.

Apricot was saved along with her beautifully unconventional cat family by an organization called Nashville Cat Rescuers. They found Apricot, Pretzel (her sister), and two momma cats named Olive and Pickle. While both moms are not Pretzel and Apricot’s birth mothers, they decided to adopt them as their own becoming surrogate moms.


The cats were discovered surviving in a wall close to a downtown business. It seems that this little kitty had a pretty tough life before she was rescued.

Kiki fosters lots of animals and was more than happy to offer Apricot, Pretzel, Olive, and Pickle a loving home until they can find their forever homes.


Something tells us that Apricot will definitely find a wonderful forever home.

But while Kiki’s optimistic about finding a forever home for Apricot and her family, before the kitty can go anywhere, she has to grow a bit bigger and get some extra vet care. According to Nashville Cat Rescues, Apricot and her sister should be available for adoption in about five to seven weeks.



In the meantime, you can follow Apricot and her family on Kiki’s Instagram page.

You can also watch an adorable video of little Apricot below.


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