This Snake Was Born With An Awesome Pair Of Shades And A Cool Mustache

It’s nice to keep up with the latest fashions and sometimes, we just want to ensure that we are fitting in and looking our best. It seems as if it is not only humans who have this feeling but even animals can do their part to look their best as well. If you have any doubts in that regard, they are about to be erased when you see this most unusual snake. After all, he is wearing a cool pair of sunglasses and has a mustache that just won’t quit.

It isn’t unusual to see animals who have strange markings and sooner or later, there is going to be an animal born that has an even more unusual marking. For example, there was once a cow that was born with a Mickey Mouse emblem on her side. Disney was even interested in this particular cow and they bought her for a rather large price. The same is also true of many other unusual things that we may see in the animal kingdom and sometimes, we may even see something that is recognizable.

Think of a friend that has had a dog for many years. Did you ever notice that they start to look like the animal after a while? This type of resemblance is rather normal and it even happens among married couples who have been together for many years. Perhaps it is just a form of familiarity but when it happens at birth, it is something that can truly be amazing. That is certainly the case with this particular snake and he is making quite a splash online among animal lovers.

It would be one thing for a snake to be born with markings that made it look as if he had a nice pair of sunglasses but to also have a mustache is absolutely phenomenal. This particular snake was uploaded by Texas Parks and Wildlife, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reptile that is quite this stylish. He isn’t a snake that is in captivity, but he was actually out it the wild and fortunately, was spotted and captured for everyone online to appreciate. It truly is remarkable when you think about the rarity of these types of markings and the fact that somebody actually saw him in the wild and snapped a picture.

When you take a moment to pause and think about the animal kingdom, you really have to be amazed with what is in the world around us. For some of us, it’s only a matter of enjoying the animals that are in our own family but for others, it is getting out there and appreciating more of what nature has to offer. This snake is more than just a hipster that happens to be wearing a pair of awesome sunglasses and sporting a cool mustache. This snake is really a tribute to the world around us.

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