Woman Paints Special Frame on Her Fence So Her Bulldog Can Feel Like a King

It’s a lot of fun when we can include our pets in fun stuff, isn’t it? For example, recently we saw an article about people who are putting googly eyes on their cats’ bottoms to make them look like elephants. It’s also fun to put the fun photos and videos up on Facebook or other social media sites. My wife recently put up a video of a raccoon and people love it. Well, a lady from Denmark has topped all of that cool stuff. Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen is a Danish woman who has an adorable English bulldog named Bogart. Bogart and his mom live in Gråsten, Denmark, and like all pet parents, Levinsen thinks her dog is a king.

Don’t we all think our furry companions are royalty, or at least they think they should be treated as such? Bogart went completely viral after someone put a video on social media. However, for a while, no one knew who the dog was. Then Bored Panda investigated and discovered his identity. The video that was originally loaded to Facebook has had more than 5.1 million views, nearly 9K comments, and has reactions from more than 18K people. What Levinsen did was paint the montage on the other side of her fence so that people driving by would see the dog peeking through.

It’s as cute as can be, and she did a jester as well. She’s one creative lady. Levinsen was surprised to learn that her beloved pooch had become a viral internet sensation, so she shared it on her own Facebook page. As it turns out, Bogart went viral not just in Denmark, but all over the world. She says that he ended up on the Instagram profile of one of Denmark’s biggest influencers and even on a Norwegian dog group. It was actually Levinson’s daughter who did the paintings.


I saw an English bulldog recently when I took my car to the shop. They’re beautiful dogs. Watch this video below.

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