24 Tweets About Marriage That Are Hilariously Accurate

One of the aspirations that many of us have in life is to get married and we may start planning the wedding years ahead of it actually occurring. In fact, from the time many youngsters are just learning how to get along with the opposite sex, they start talking about the possibility of getting married and it seems as if some of them never stop from that point forward. It is something that is born into us; the desire to be with someone that we love and to share the rest of our lives with them.

When the day actually arrives and the time comes to tie the knot, it is perhaps one of the most memorable moments that we will ever experience. The entire day will be captured, not only in our memory but also through pictures, video and through discussions that will take place from that point forward with any family or friend that happened to be at the ceremony. It is certainly something that we love and when the wedding goes just as expected, it will produce a fond memory that will last for a lifetime.

Of course, many people will say that getting married causes an individual to give up a lot and some people do leave things behind when they say “I do.” For example, some people may leave behind houses, apartments or other living arrangements in order to consolidate into a single home. There may also be a wide variety of other physical items that we tend to give up when we get married as well. In some cases, it may be somewhat painful to leave those things behind but in other cases, it is just a matter of moving on with her life and improving it as we go.

Although we may leave a lot of physical things behind, there is something that we don’t leave behind and that is our sense of humor. In fact, many people would say that marriage gives them an entirely new understanding of humor and a target for joking in some cases. If you have any doubts as to whether the humor will still exist after the marriage or not, then the following tweets will bring you back to reality again.

These 24 tweets are hilarious and you have to agree, it shows that marriage is not the end of humor but rather, it is the beginning of a new phase of humor. Take some time to look down through these tweets from married people and you will see that they are not only laugh worthy, you will go back through them time and time again.

1. This about sums up married life in only a few words. Married people will get this, single people will wonder what they are talking about.

2. There are little annoyances that we may experience in marriage and sometimes, they are not necessarily the important issues, they are just what gets on our nerves.

3. After we are married, we do end up with a new reality in some way or another. These types of surprises often shock us in some way or another, as is the case with this married woman.

4. As you can see in the following tweets, it is not only humor that is alive and well after marriage, it is also sarcasm. A blending of the two often defines marriage for many of us.

5. Husbands don’t always understand everything that is taking place during the marriage but they often put up with it anyway.

6. When we are married, we often define our expert level according to our own terms. This is a prime example of how it works.

7. The humor doesn’t stop when we have children, it just hits a new level of funny.

8. You need to learn to laugh at the little things when you are married.

9. The laughs don’t stop when we get older, the situations just get funnier.

10. Money causes a lot of stress in marriage but when you learn to laugh about it, you are taking things to the next level.

11. Sometimes you need to read between the lines.

12. If you love Reese’s, you will understand.

13. Sometimes it is just to late so you have to laugh at it.

14. There is a lot of truth to this discussion.

15. Sarcasm is alive and well in this marriage.

16. It always pays to think positive.

17. Experience matters

18. Sometimes you need to plan ahead.

19. You need to define your roles

20. Oh yeah

21. Some things really matter.

22. Some things are better left alone

23. You need to use logic the right way.

24. You need to define what matters.

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