29 Text Messages From Parents That Prove The Older Generation Is The Funniest Generation

When it comes to technology, most of us think that the new generation has everything well in hand. It seems as if technology is moving forward so quickly that the older generation just doesn’t have the opportunity to catch up. Some of us may be able to remember going over to help our parents program the VCR, but now the VCR is defunct and things are certainly moving forward since that day. The fact that sometimes we need to help our parents with technology, however, is one thing that hasn’t changed.

Although parents may not be the best at technology, they are the best when it comes to humor. They don’t often get the credit that they deserve for being so funny, but they really are hilarious. If you don’t believe me, just look down through these 29 parenting text messages and you will see that they are absolutely comedic gold. They just have a way of getting one over on their children and sometimes, the humor is completely lost on the younger generation.

1. For his adoring fans

2. Feel the burn

3. What’s the answer?

4. I get it

5. Just do your job

6. A new text face?

7. Nice mom

8. Listen to your mother

9. How true

10. Nice burn

11. I’ll get it right next time

12. Shortcuts aren’t always a good

13. How to annoy your kid

14. What are you laughing at?

15. Stick to your own generation

16. It really isn’t cool

17. Super awkward

18. More shortcut awkwardness

19. I get it

20. Nice comeback

21. Too much information

22. Okay then

23. Blame it on the kid

24. Good answer

25. Say it like you mean it

26. Nice

27. Roll with it

28. Getting there

29. Yolo

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