It Was A Normal Wedding Photo Shoot Until She Called In The Drunk Uncles

There are many days we will remember in life but perhaps the one that is most important to many of us is the wedding day. It seems as if the entire thing is planned out in great detail and sometimes, we might even take months or perhaps even years to put things together. After all, there are so many different things that need to be considered to pull off the perfect day.

One of the highlights of the wedding day is the walk down the aisle but when you stop to think about what actually goes into that one event, it is surprising that it ever really gets off the ground. The entire thing needs to be timed perfectly to the music and you need to worry about everything from the wedding flowers to the possibility that your shoes are going to stick to the material down on the walkway. That isn’t even to mention the flower girl, ring bearer and the other people who are part of the wedding procession.

Of course, the entire day needs to be documented properly and that is where the wedding pictures come in. They are more than simple snapshots of an important day, they are going to be shared with others for many years to come. In addition, there will be that one wedding picture that will be framed and will always be a part of our decor. It is little wonder, therefore, that we put so much emphasis on choosing the right wedding photographer. As you are about to see, however, things don’t always go as planned and sometimes, they go wrong in the funniest way possible.

This wedding photographer is starting things off with some of the more traditional shots. You have the bride and groom standing in front of the chapel and they are being captured on film. The entire scene is quite beautiful and you can imagine one of these pictures will end up in that picture frame in their home to be shared with anyone who looks that way.


She even brings in the bridesmaid, which is sure to be a shot that is treasured by the family. Like any good wedding photographer, she starts bringing in other members of the family and guests of the young couple who take some of the other pictures that will likely make it into the wedding album. The problem is that the photographer starts to bring in others who are not usually part of the pictures. This is when things start to really get funny.

When a wedding photographer calls in family members, you typically see the family of the bride or the family of the groom lining up to be captured in a picture. This wedding photographer takes things in a different direction by asking for all of the drunk uncles at the ceremony to come forward for the shot.


If you stop to think about your wedding day, you probably remember a drunk uncle or two that had a little too much to drink during the reception. Some of them even showed up to the chapel with a few drinks under their belt already. As they stumble up to the bride and groom, you will probably reflect on those that were part of your wedding as well.

The next shot gets even more hilarious when the photographer asks for everyone who slept with the bride to come forward for a picture.


I can only imagine what is going through the groom’s mind when a crowd of people shows up, including the wedding photographer!

For the next shot, the photographer asks for everyone who slept with the groom to come forward and this is when things really take a funny turn. Everyone leaves the shot and walks away, including the bride! As it turns out, he isn’t standing there on his own; there is an older lady that comes up and stands by his side. I don’t know whether to laugh at this shot or to feel sorry for the groom.


Our wedding day is something that we will remember for the rest of our lives. There are going to be good things about that day that will stick out in our memories and make us smile every time we think about them. Then again, there will also be some of those memories that we would really like to forget.

This wedding photography video is all in fun and I’m sure it will make you laugh until you cry. Then again, it might just bring up some memories of your special day and what happened that made it unique:

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