Their Bike Got Stuck In An Electric Fence – Watching Them Try To Remove It Is Priceless

There is nothing quite like going out for a ride in the country with friends. Being on the back of a bicycle lets you take in all of the sights and sounds and the wind blowing through your hair is absolutely amazing. It is fun when you’re by yourself but as a group experience, it really has no equal. Of course, when you’re out riding a bike, there is always going to be something interesting that happens. That is what took place with this group of riders.

This group was on their way through the countryside when they ran into a most unusual problem. One of the bikers obviously didn’t see a fence that was stretched between two fence posts and he rode his bike right into an electric fence! The problem was, he didn’t simply bounce off of the fence and keep going, he actually got his bike entangled in the fence and that is where the real problem started. It wasn’t enough that they had to get the bike loose, they also had to contend with the electricity that was surging through it as well.

Judging by this picture, it seems as if this adventurous group are certainly up against something unusual. The bicycle was simply sitting there on its own, almost as if it is mocking them. It doesn’t take long before they start to formulate a plan as to how they can get the bike loose.

As the first man steps forward, he has the brilliant idea of grabbing hold of the bicycle tire and trying to get the bicycle loose. The problem is, the rim of the tire is actually energized by the electric fence so he gets a jolt of energy before he knows what’s happening. It’s enough to make him wince, but fortunately, he also has a good laugh about it. As you will see, his friends have a good laugh as well.

The electricity that goes through an electric fence is not a constant surge but rather, it pulsates. Electric fences are made to keep livestock inside of a confined area and when they come in contact with the fence, it gives them a mild shock. If you have ever come into contact with an electric fence, however, you realize that it is anything but a mild experience.


Some electric fences can actually be quite shocking, if you will excuse the pun. This particular fence produced an uncomfortable shock but as you can see, the man was finding the experience to be somewhat funny, if not unpleasant.

The process continues with the group of individuals coming up with yet another plan to remove the bike from the electric fence. They decided to use some sticks to lift the bike, rather than trying to do it by hand. It is a brilliant idea, but there is a problem they weren’t expecting.

Although wood is not a strong conductor of electricity, it is enough that the shock can be felt when you are holding on to the other end. These men continue to wrestle with the process, attempting to lift the bike but they continue to get shocked on an ongoing basis, perhaps feeling a jolt every second or so.

Finally, the one man decides to step up to the plate and do something about the situation. His friends are even egging him on, with one of them actually telling him to be brave!


As it turns out, the man who is attempting to lift the bike is a welder and they even remind him of that fact.
The man doesn’t have his welding gloves, however, so he is feeling the full force of the electric fence as he is attempting to lift the bike. With one final surge, however, he manages to lift the bike and suddenly it is free of the fence once and for all.

If there is a moral to the story, it would be to be cautious when you are riding your bike in the country. These electric fences are not meant to keep people out of an area but rather, they are designed to keep the livestock in. That doesn’t mean that people aren’t able to feel the shock when they come in contact with it, regardless of where they happen to be.


If you are interested in having your funny bone tickled, this video is certainly going to produce that effect. The moment you watch it, you will find that it makes you laugh from beginning to end.

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