The Internet Is Going Crazy Over These Fails Posted By Parents

As parents, we have a relatively easy job in front of us, although it is one that will last for years and may have its ups and downs over time. Quite simply, we are responsible for taking care of our children and it seems as if that is an easy thing to do. Ask any parent and they will tell you, however, that things do go wrong and sometimes the child may get the short end of the stick.

Parents tend to lose a lot when they have children. They lose a lot of their freedom, the ability to sleep in the morning and perhaps even to use the bathroom by themselves. What they don’t lose, however, is a sense of humor and that becomes quite obvious when you see these parenting fails. In fact, the Internet is absolutely going crazy over these images and when you see them, you will know why.

Of course, the children weren’t hurt in these parenting fails, although it may turn into a rather uncomfortable family story that is told every time everyone gets together from that point forward. In addition, many of the children were too young to remember but don’t worry, they will be reminded about it over and over again.

Although these fails are not serious, they are certainly well worth watching. It provides a little bit of humor in our lives and that is something all of us can appreciate.

1. An unusual visit to the zoo

2. We really are good parents

3. Maybe she should look closer at the shirt

4. Good water

5. Spitting sunflower seeds from the front seat

6. A slight miscalculation

7. School picture day

8. When dad goes to buy clothes

9. Interesting parenting experience

10. Bedtime

11. It’s a Lego bar

12. Fun on a Ride

13. The Baby Is Fine

14. Pop’s got this

15. Bring your kids to work day

16. Perfect for nosebleeds

17. It’s tough being a dad

18. Is this bad parenting?

19. What does your parent enjoy doing?

20. Scary lamp

21. Oops

22. Ready for the pool

23. Dinner with the Kids

24. Nice catch

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