26-Year-Old School Teacher With Gray Hair Is No Longer Going To Dye It

There are certain things that many of us are not looking forward to. We realize that as we get older, changes are going to happen with our body but we are not all looking forward to them and in some cases, we may do everything in our power to keep them from happening. One of the things that happen for most people is the fact that they get gray hair. It starts out with one or two gray hairs showing up out of the blue but as we get older, it continues to multiply until it practically takes over our head!

Most of us feel as if we are going to have to start living with our gray hair when we hit our 40s or perhaps our 50s. For a teacher named Lauren Midgley, however, she started to get gray hair at a very young age. In fact, even though she is only 26 years old, she is already living with gray hair and has decided to stop dying it after years of trying to hide it. She talks about how having gray hair has been a real problem and trying to hide it has been an even bigger issue, because hairstylists are not always going to do the job we want them to do.

Although she is only 26 years old, this teacher from Alberta, Canada, is embracing her natural look rather than trying to look younger. She began to get gray hair when she was only 12 years old and at 26, she has a lot of it peppered into her darker hair.

After years of trying to hide it, Lauren is embracing it and she is doing an excellent job at letting it show. In fact, she has learned how to show off her hair in ways that most of us could only ever dream of doing.