Can the Shape of Your Chin Reveal Your Personality? Looks Like It Can

One of the most popular activities to do in recent years is taking personality tests. I’ll be honest and say that until a few years ago, I never took one. However, my wife loves doing them and has for years, so she got me into it. At first, I did it just to make her happy, but I found that before long, I was enjoying it too. We’ve done all of the big ones, including the Big 5, Myers Briggs, True Colors, Enneagram, and more. Doing these tests has taught me a lot about myself and I even belong to a few Facebook groups for my Myers Briggs type.

It’s a lot of fun to connect with others in my “type.” However, I also like taking simple personality tests that are purely visual in nature. For example, in the one below, apparently, you can tell a lot about a person by the type of chin they have. Give it a shot.

1. Square Chin

People who have square chins like Brad Pitt tend to be thought of as more attractive. Also, these individuals have a straightforward personality and they’re less compromising on what they want in life.

2. Short or Narrow Chin

If you have a short or narrow chin, words have a great impact on you. Maybe you gossip a bit more than most people, but you’re also a lot of fun and have tons of energy at social gatherings.

3. Protruding Chin

Individuals who have protruding chins are confident and energetic. These folks have a lot of drive and can be quite forceful. Because of this, they are natural leaders.

4. Round Chin

A round chin is the most common type of chin, and people who have this chin are good at friendship. You’re probably supportive and understanding if you have this chin, and you know how to have fun.

5. Long Chin

If you have a long chin like Reese Whitherspoon, you’re probably good at expressing yourself and you’re artistic. You’re also a sympathetic and caring person and very sociable.

6. Receding Chin

People with receding chins are not so strong. In fact, they may be diplomatic and strive for peace.