Little Baby Gets Her Hearing Just In Time To Hear Her Mom’s Voice

For the time that we are born, we develop a relationship with our mothers. After all, we spent the first nine months of our life with them as we were growing so it is only reasonable that we would continue to develop that relationship as time goes by. We have a natural attachment and it goes in two different directions. It doesn’t mean that there are going to be difficulties on occasion and at times, we need to roll with the punches. There are also going to be moments in our relationships that really touch our hearts, and if we allow it, it can touch the hearts of others as well.

Ellianna is a baby girl who obviously has some very strong attachments to her mother, Allison. She is also a little girl that has a hearing problem. It was a genetic hearing disorder that the mother had and she passed it on to three of her children. She had 8 children in all, but when the little baby girl was born with it, it took away some of her hearing. Fortunately, the little girl was able to be fitted with some hearing aids and it happened when she was three months old.

Up until that time, Ellianna had never really heard the mother speaking to her, singing, or making any other noise. Of course, she wasn’t very happy about having the hearing aids put in but it didn’t stop it from happening. In the end, it turned out to be a very beautiful situation.

As you watch the video below, you can see the excitement on everyone’s face as the three-month-old little girl hears her mother for the very first time. At first, the little baby was crying because they were trying to put in the hearing aids but eventually, it was turned into one of the biggest and most beautiful smiles we have ever seen.

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