The Kids Had No Idea The Big Excavator Was About To Drop Dirt On Their Toy Dump Trucks

If there is one thing I think that all children enjoy, it’s watching men working on a construction site. It’s a treat to watch them digging in the dirt, regardless of whether they are using shovels or a backhoe. Of course, many children have a real fixation on construction equipment and it’s not out of the question for them to have their own toy trucks and digging equipment that they play with on a regular basis. When they happen to have a construction site nearby, they may spend hours watching the work taking place. It’s something that just seems to be built into us, and I think we all have at least a little bit of a fascination with those big machines as they do their work.

This recently was shown in a very adorable way when children were playing with their toy dump trucks along the road. They were mimicking what they saw at the local construction site and it seems as if they were being watched, just as much as they were watching the equipment working. When the excavator operator saw the children playing along the road with their trucks, he couldn’t allow the opportunity to pass by. He scooped up some dirt and brought it down the road to them. Before long, he was there beside them and they didn’t move a muscle! As he swung the bucket in their direction, the little boy even put his hand on the bucket, showing how comfortable he was with the situation.

Of course, the mother quickly told him to take his hand off of the truck and it’s a good thing, because it was a little bit dangerous. At the same time, however, the excavator operator was obviously very skilled. That was seen in his next move.

Suddenly, the operator took the bucket of the excavator and slowly dumped a little bit of dirt into the back of their toy trucks. It took a lot of skill for him to do it without damaging the trucks but he filled them up to perfection. I’m sure this is a memory that the children will remember for a very long time.

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