We Learned Everything We Need To Know About Love From A First Grader

There are moments in our life that are going to melt our hearts and they might even take our breath away. We can’t always anticipate what they are going to happen and when they do take place, it’s a moment that we often treasure for weeks or perhaps many years to come. That was how many people felt when they saw the following video but for those who were actually involved in the situation, it’s a moment in time that is going to live on forever in their minds and their hearts. In fact, many of them learned what they needed to know about love from the act of a first grader.

It all started out when a young boy named Vincent found out that his best friend Zach was diagnosed with leukemia. That is devastating news for anyone to hear and we can’t imagine that a first-grader would be able to wrap his head around the true situation that his best friend was in. He was able to describe the illness in very basic terms but what he did have was a lot of love for his friend in his heart. He got busy creating scarves in order to help with the chemotherapy treatments and he even went above and beyond when it came to making his friend feel good.

This is where the beautiful moment comes into play. After you watch the video up until this point, you are probably already in tears. Our heart really feels for Zach as he was suffering from leukemia. Vincent felt it as well, but what he found out that his friend was going to lose his hair from chemotherapy treatments, he stepped up to the plate.

Vincent came in the school the next day wearing a cap and he told his teacher that he had a surprise for Zach. He then pulled off his hat and showed her that he had shaved his head. If you are not crying by now, you might want to get your tear ducts checked. Watch it for yourself in this video.