23 Of The Most Beautiful Chickens You Will Ever See In Your Entire Life

Have you ever heard the expression, beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Perhaps you have applied that old axiom in many areas of life, including when you were talking to a friend who was not feeling the best about their own appearance. As it turns out, there are many things in life that people tend to consider plain or ordinary. That doesn’t mean, however, that all of those items are not worthy of our close attention. As you are about to see, even the most ordinary things in life can be extraordinary if you look at them in the right way.
Would you ever consider a chicken to be beautiful? Some of us may have thought about their beauty before but typically, only if we have ever been around chickens. The fact of the matter is, chickens are not only pretty to look at, they can even have a personality that is quite extraordinary. We’ll talk a little bit more on that later.

One particular artist thought that chickens were worthy of more attention. In fact, even has an Instagram page that is devoted to his photographs of these wonderful birds. He does more than simply take pictures of chickens, he absolutely loves the birds and he has a pet studio that is set up for that specific purpose. It was a farmer who introduced him to an exhibition on birds and by the time it was over, he had fallen in love with chickens and in his words, they had stolen his heart. It was then that he got to work on his latest project, one that you can see the work of below.

My first experience with chickens was when I was a very young child and my grandparents had a chicken coop on their farm. The chickens are rather plain, as far as chickens go, but they were absolutely full of personality. My sister and I would grab ears of field corn and feed the chickens and it was amazing that they never seemed to get full! They even seemed to lose some of their shyness because the food was so easy to get.

When I grew older, I decided that it was a good idea to get some chickens of my own. I ended up with 8 Rhode Island Reds, and they were layers! I would go up every day to feed the chickens and check to see if they had started laying eggs yet. On one particular day, I saw a single egg in the nest and it was speckled and a little bit rubbery. When I expressed my joy about the chickens starting to lay eggs, they started squawking and strutting around the chicken coop as if they were proud of what they had done! That is when I realized that chickens were more than just a random animal, they had a personality.

When you look down through these pictures, you will be able to see the pure beauty that these birds bring to the world. Many of these chickens come from far away places and they may not be native to the area where they are being photographed. They are prized, however, for the eggs that they lay, the beauty that they have and sometimes they are even kept because they are prize-winning birds.

Before anybody says it, we realize that not all of the pictures below are actually of chickens. Some of them are of roosters and in the animal kingdom, many of the males are going to be more colorful and vibrant looking than the females. This isn’t because the males are superior but rather, it is because the females tend to be less noticeable so that they could hide from predators and care for their young. The males, on the other hand, needed to attract the females and they have the plumage to do so masterfully.

It doesn’t matter if you love chickens or not, you will have to admit that these are some of the most beautiful pictures that you have ever seen. You will come away with a greater appreciation of this wonderful animal and you may never look at a chicken in the same way again.























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