15 Intriguing Facts About Brad Pitt You Probably Didn’t Know

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, actors like Cary Grant became synonymous with the ideal image of an attractive man. Taking up the heartthrob baton of Hollywood greats like Grant and James Dean, Brad Pitt has stolen the hearts of fans from every generation. He’s also had high-profile relationships with top Hollywood actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

However, there are things even the most devoted fans don’t know about this charismatic star. Indeed, there’s more than meets the eye, and we’ve got 15 interesting facts to help you get to know Brad Pitt a little better!

Fact #1  Brad Pitt’s real name is William Bradley Pitt.


Brad was named after his dad, but once he began pursuing his Hollywood career, he decided to use a shortened version beginning with his middle name.

Fact #2  Brad Pitt dropped out of college to pursue his dream of acting.


The future A-list star was only two credits away from earning a degree in journalism at the University of Missouri when he decided to take a different path. He said:

Fact #3 Acting has always been his passion.


Brad told NPR during an interview:

Fact #4 He was turned down for a position on his high school basketball team.


Brad Pitt was rejected when he tried out for a position on his high school basketball team. But, instead of letting that bum him out, he just started his own team called “The Cherokee Rejects.”

Brad also coached the team which practiced at his family’s church.

Fact #5 There are only two movies in the world that make Brad Pitt Cry.


The movies that bring out the waterworks for Brad Pitt every time are “Life as a House,” and “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Fact #6 He was willing to sacrifice his smile for art.


To make his character Tyler Durden in “Fight Club” more authentic, Pitt offered to get a tooth chipped.


Fact #7 Brad Pitt once had a job chauffeuring strippers.


The future heartthrob was once a chauffer for “exotic dancers” in L.A.

However, he described the experience as not being a “wholesome atmosphere,” and it was overall “very depressing.” But, he explained how the gig ended up changing his life.

For those not familiar with the name, Roy London was a highly-respected and well-known acting coach.

Fact #8 Brad Pitt was officially banned from entering China by the Chinese government.


It turns out that the People’s Republic of China wasn’t a big fan of Brad Pitt’s politically charged movie “Seven Years in Tibet.” They claim it portrayed the Chinese military negatively and forbid him from ever setting foot back in China.

However, in 2016, the nation lifted the ban because a movie he starred in called “Allied” was partially financed by a very influential Chinese company called Huahua Media.


Fact #9 Brad Pitt once took psychiatric coaching to get ready for a role.


Pitt worked with Dr. Laszlo Gyulai, director of the bipolar disorder unit at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, to prepare himself for his role in the 1995 sci-fi cult classic “12 Monkeys.”

The excellent doctor coached Brad on how to portray an institutionalized man living with mental illness accurately.

The coaching definitely paid off big time as Pitt earned a nomination for the role! However, Pitt was very critical about his performance, saying:

Fact #10 Brad Pitt’s done tons of voice acting.


Every so often, this A-list star likes to lend his voice to animated films. Some of Brad’s most notable voice work can be heard in movies, and T.V. shows such as “Sindbad: Legend of the Seven Seas,” “Megamind,” and “King of the Hill.”

Fact #11 Brad Pitt also loves to munch while on camera.


Pitt explains this strange habit, saying:

If you pay close attention, you’ll see Brad’s character in the Ocean’s movies chowing down quite a bit.

Fact #12 Angelina Jolie helped him get his pilot’s license.


Pitt credits his now ex-wife and fellow A-list celebrity Angelina Jolie for helping hit get his pilot’s license.

Fact #13 Brad Pitt’s favorite movie of all time.


Brad absolutely loves watching John Travolta in the 1977 disco hit “Saturday Night Fever.”

Fact #14 Brad Pitt is one of the few men named the world’s sexiest man twice.


Most of us would agree. It’s a shame he’s only won twice.

Fact #15 Brad Pitt’s first real job was as the El Pollo Loco Mascot in Los Angeles when he was a young, struggling actor.


When Brad was asked by Ellen Degeneres how he feels today looking back on his prior career as a chicken, the actor grinned and said he felt absolutely “no shame.”

He also recalled how he “got flipped off a lot!”

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