Baby Girl Watches Grandma As She Sings But Within Seconds Her Reaction Melts Your Heart

There is nothing quite like the connection between family members. There is an old saying that “blood is thicker than water” and many of us have experienced the truthfulness of that saying in our lives. Even though we may have close friends and we may have had them for years, our family makes up our first friends and we often tend to stick closer to them as the years go by. After all, friends may come and go but our family is going to be there for us throughout our entire lives and it is something that we hold as very special.
Although there may be familiarity between family members of all kinds, there seems to be a certain something that is extra special when it comes to the closeness between a grandmother and their grandchild. That is going to become evident when you see this video of a grandmother who was holding onto a special little package. The grandmother is singing to the little girl and you can tell that there is a lot of love. You can hear it in the grandmother’s voice and with every note, there is something special that is passing back and forth between these two.

There is also something extra special that is taking place between this grandmother and her granddaughter. The grandmother is singing to her but the granddaughter does something that absolutely shocks the Internet and makes them fall in love with this darling little girl from the moment they see her. When you see it in the video below, you are going to fall in love as well.

The grandmother began singing “I’m in the Mood for Love” to her granddaughter. It is obvious that the granddaughter is absolutely in love with the grandmother but when she starts singing along with her, it is a shock to everyone. She doesn’t do it just once, she continues to do it throughout the entire song.

We can only imagine how quickly the mother ran to get her camera when this started taking place. It is moments like these that is going to make a memory and it is something that is going to be shared with this little girl for the rest of her life. In fact, we probably wouldn’t be surprised if this was shown on her wedding day for everyone to enjoy. It really is the most enjoyable and adorable thing that you’re going to see all day.

Singing to your grandchild, or to your child for that matter, is very important. In one study after another, it has been proven that children react to music. Have you ever watched a child who is just learning how to walk and when they hear a song playing, they can’t help but dance? It’s just one bit of evidence that children need music in their lives and the parents/grandparents are the ones who provide it.

There is also something else that is interesting about music. Studies have also shown that children are able to hear from inside of the womb. They were even respond to the voice of the mother, father or grandparents because they become familiar, even before they are born. Many parents have sung to their children before they were born and it seems as if they react to it during that time as well.

This grandmother chose a rather popular song, although it is not played on the radio any longer. The song, “I’m in the Mood,” was published way back in 1935. It was an instant hit and it continued to be copied by many other artists, who recognize just how popular it was. Even Louis Armstrong did a copy of the song, perhaps the one that is more famous than any other.

Although this grandmother may not be ready to hit the airwaves with her singing, the granddaughter is absolutely in love with everything that she hears. As she continues to sing that song to her granddaughter, she just reacts more and more and it is something that even has the mother laughing in the background.

There are many different Internet videos that you could be watching. This particular video, however, is special and it is something that you will want to share with others. It is important for us to feel good, especially in these difficult days. The innocence of this little baby who is being sung to by her grandmother is going to bring a tear to your eye. Make sure you share it, we could all use the uplifting moment.

You can see the video below:

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