Two Little Girls Hear Their Daddy Play The Guitar And They Can’t Help But Bust A Move

There’s nothing quite as adorable as seeing a baby react when they hear their parents. We sometimes see this happening in public and it is often one of the most special parts of our day. For example, our child may react in a wonderful way when we come home from work and sometimes, our significant other may even take a video of them to show us exactly how excited they get when they hear us pulling in the driveway.

You are about to experience something similar in this adorable video but it isn’t coming home, it is a daddy playing the guitar. In addition, it isn’t only one child who is getting excited, it is two little girls who absolutely love hearing their father play. The mom and dad found out about this when they brought the guitar out during dinner so they decided to take the video and share with the world.

Music is a very important part of our lives and parents magazine even admits that it is an important part of a child’s life as well. When a child hears music they are quick to move around and it can even help them to learn. In fact, many of us may also feel that we learn better when we put something to music.

From the time that a child is very young, they will move to the music every time they hear it. They may not be able to dance beautifully at that time but most parents would agree that it is something beautiful to see. As we get older, we use music to change our moods and to help us to deal with some of the stress have that life throws in our direction. It seems as if these little girls are experiencing no stress at this time.

These little girls don’t need a radio to enjoy music, they have their father there to play the guitar. As soon as he started playing they start bobbing their heads to the music. You can tell that the research about music must be absolutely correct because these little girls know exactly what they are doing. Not only are they dancing in their seats, they are also putting a smile on people’s faces. With more than 27 million people who already watched this video, that’s a lot of smiles!

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