The Best News Column Advice I’ve Ever Seen

Many of us can remember the times when we would pick up a newspaper in the morning and thumb through the pages. (For those of you who have never read an actual newspaper, you missed out on something really nice.) It seems to be somewhat of a lost art in today’s world, where most of the news we get is electronic. It was a part of our lives, however, and we often looked forward to some of what we would see in those pages. It was the way we started our day, every day.

Included in among those pages was an advice column where people would write in with a question and somebody would reply. There were also similar columns around the world, some of them which were quite popular. All of them had the same, general theme. People would have problems and were looking for a solution. They would write the paper and, if it was print-worthy, it would end up in the advice column. They were a lot of fun to read and they even became the topic of discussion throughout the day as to whether we agreed or disagreed with what they said. One of those advice columns was from the Denver Post, and it was known as Ask Amy.

The woman who wrote the letter to Ask Amy seemed to have quite a difficulty. She had a sister that never quite “fit in” along with the other family members and friends. As a result of her being an outsider, she was often not asked to go along to family events and outings. When this woman wrote Ask Amy for advice, she was actually looking for someone to stand behind her and tell her she was doing the right thing. As it turns out, Ask Amy had another plan, and it is brilliant.

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