Steve Irwin’s Family Continue His Legacy with a New Animal Planet Show

It’s hard to believe that 12 years have gone by since we lost Steve Irwin. He was not only a wildlife lover, it seemed as if he was a good friend of each and every one of us that watched his show on a regular basis. That show that he was most known for was Crocodile Hunter and it was something that we looked forward to seeing every week. After he died, the show went off the air and it is still missed by many fans.

If you love animals, especially crocodiles, you know that Steve was somebody who was right there with you. Now that he has passed away, his family has continued much of his work, including the operation of the Australia zoo. It is the area where Steve grew up, as it was owned by his parents, Bob and Lyn

It’s hard to believe that the zoo has spanned three generations. The Irwin family not only loves working it, they have also released a very interesting announcement this week. According to animal planet, there are plans to create a new show called, Crikey! It’s the Irwins.

The network says that it will be a documentary format and additional details will be forthcoming. It will focus on the animal rehabilitation of the operation at the Australia zoo. There are more than 1200 animals at the zoo at any given time.

Bindi is 20 years old and Robert, her 14-year-old brother is right there with her when it comes to being on camera. Bindi was even the star of her own show, Bindi the jungle girl that was on air shortly after her father died. Robert hosted his own show based on wild animals as well.

These two are doing amazing things with animals and they continue to be in the public eye. It isn’t surprising that they are familiar with social media, something that their father never got the opportunity to do. When you look at their Instagram pages, you will see that they are full of pictures from the Australia zoo.

Robert was very young when his father died but he still got to share some great memories with him.

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Bindi shares family pictures on her Instagram account on a regular basis. You can see that she gets a lot of support from her fans if you read down through the comments.

You can learn more about the new television show, including when it starts in this video. It’s nice to hear that the children are willing to follow in their father’s footsteps:

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