A Deaf Man Walks Through The City And Is Amazed When Everyone Signs To Him

Most of us tend to take our five senses for granted. When one of them is missing, however, we not only miss it, we truly start to appreciate all that it offered us in life. For some people, however, a loss of one of the senses causes them to seek a way to adjust. That is the case for individuals who are hearing impaired and they communicate through sign language in many cases, rather than the spoken word.

If you have ever seen somebody speaking sign language before, you realize that it is truly a beautiful way of communicating. The problem is, so few people understand how to sign that the individuals who are dealing with hearing loss often feel left out and isolated. It is a rare thing for them to run into somebody who is able to communicate with them through sign language and when they do, it can sometimes get overwhelming.

Samsung recently released an advertisement that targeted the deaf community. They wanted to announce a service that they were establishing to help individuals who are hearing impaired so they did a little experiment and captured the entire thing on video. At first, they were trying to make a statement and to let the deaf community know that they had something available for them. What they ended up doing was touching people’s hearts. When you see this video, you will understand why.

This advertisement by Samsung was put out in Turkey and involves a hearing-impaired man named Muharrem who is leaving home with his sister. His sister was in on the entire surprise and she was there through the process to make sure that everything went as perfectly as possible. When they walked out of home that particular morning, he had no idea of what he was about to experience. Fortunately, we get to walk along.

The entire premise of this video is rather interesting. They would have everyone who ran into Muharrem and his sister speak sign language to them. As you are about to see, the entire situation gets overwhelming very quickly.

This is not something that simply happened on a whim, it took a lot of patience and practice in order for it to go well. The individuals who took part in the advertisement took sign language classes and they were taught how to do the individual signs and even how to ensure that they were giving the proper inflections.

It started with people running into this man and his sister and they would give signs in order to communicate. When a man turned around at a fruit stand, for example, he dropped a few apples and rather than just picking them up, he accepted the help of this young man and his sister and then offered to give them an apple in sign language. At this point, Muharrem was probably wondering what was really going on.

As they were walking down the street, a young woman bumped into him and then apologized using sign language. It seemed as if everywhere he went, somebody was doing sign language and it must have seemed rather strange to him to suddenly have so many people communicating with him using his own language. Imagine if you were in a similar situation and nobody spoke your language but suddenly, you ran into many people who were able to communicate with you. It would be heartwarming, to say the least.

When Muharrem and his sister got into a taxi, the cab driver spoke to him in sign language and he was really wondering what was taking place at that point. After all, in every day life, it would be unlikely that he would run into anyone who was able to communicate through sign language. On this particular day, however, everybody he ran into was speaking in sign language and it was amazing.

When they finally reached their destination, they saw a large screen and a woman speaking in sign language who was talking about the service that was being offered by Samsung. It was then that a man came out and explained to him what was taking place. He pointed out the cameras and let him know that he was part of a great experiment.

As you can imagine, the entire situation was overwhelming for Muharrem and he broke down with emotion. We can only imagine how we would feel if we were in a similar situation.

You can see the entire thing for yourself in this wonderful video. From the beginning to the end, it will make you smile from the heart. Take a moment to watch it and then make sure you share it with someone you love.