Law School Graduate Claims She Can’t Get Hired Because She’s Too Beautiful

I’ve been told a lot of things in my life, but I’ve never been told I’m too good-looking. Also, in my career, my “good looks” have never held me back from getting a job, thankfully. If I had to rely on my looks to pay the bills, we would be in trouble. However, some women have said that the way they look seems to have an effect on their employment prospects. The Sun did an article based on a study that suggested that how women look can play a role in whether or not they get hired. Now, we’ve always known that good-looking people do better when it comes to finding a job.

However, what is news is that it truly can happen that a woman who is too beautiful may not be taken seriously enough, apparently. The study suggested that beautiful women can sometimes be viewed as being less trustworthy, less honest, and because of this, they can be passed over for a job opportunity. A law graduate named Irina Kova is one such woman who claims that she can’t get hired by a company to use her law degree because she’s too beautiful. Irina is 33 years old and she lives in Russia. She said that even though she has a law degree, she can’t find work in the legal profession.


According to the young woman, it’s because of her looks. She said that employers just don’t see her as a viable employee. In fact, a recruiter even told her to dye her naturally blonde hair dark to see if that would help her. She said that she even started wearing glasses to have a more professional look, even though she has perfect vision. And once she got a job, she was made to feel awful at work. One boss suggested that she not stand out as much and to try to be more humble when it came to her appearance.

We hope things turn around for her.