Rude Mom Singled Out A ‘Dirty’ Man To Her Daughter But Then He Reveals His True Identity On Facebook

If there is one thing that most of us realize about our day-to-day lives, it’s a fact that there are always going to be surprises. Some surprises are positive and others are negative but they all come out of the blue. For the man in this post, Andy Ross, a rather unusual and disturbing surprise took place in the most unlikely location. He was at a store and what he heard from a mother disturbed him. When you hear his story, you will understand why.
It began when he entered a Vancouver, Washington store. He had been working all day on a construction site so, understandably, he had some dirt on his face. If any of us have ever worked in construction or know somebody who works in construction, we realize exactly how difficult it is to stay perfectly clean. We don’t always have the time to run across town, get cleaned up, change our clothes and then run back to the store just to pick up something that we may need for the evening. After all, construction work is hard work and we would probably want to spend our evening relaxing.

When Andy entered the store, he saw that there was a little girl standing there staring at him. She was probably trying to figure out why a man with a dirty face was coming into the store with her. After all, her mother has probably told her many times to clean her face. It was the mother, however, who took things to the next level.

As it was time for Andy to check out, he noticed that the mother and daughter were in front of him in the checkout line. The daughter was still staring at him. It was then that the mother bent down, pointed at him and told her daughter: “That is why you need to stay in school.” She didn’t say it loudly but this judgmental woman did say it loud enough so that he could hear every word.

Andy, who has a girlfriend and a young son decided he was not going to take this lying down. He didn’t confront the mother directly in the store. After all, that would’ve been stooping to her level. What he did is write an open letter on Facebook and it shows why you can never truly judge a book by its cover.

As it turns out, there were things about Andy that this mother didn’t know.

Andy Ross was out at a store after working at a construction site all day. He had a run-in with a judgmental mother, who wanted to teach her daughter a lesson in life.

His response is now going viral on Facebook:

“So I had a very interesting “educational” conversation with a woman and her daughter today. As I entered the store before I got home, a little girl kept staring at me. Which is fine. I know that kids are curious when they see someone, especially as dirty as I was. They ended up in front of me as I was checking out.

Little girl still staring, her mother told her to stop staring.

As they finished and headed towards the door, I hear her mom say quietly to the little girl, “that is why you need to stay in school.”

I figured this was a great time to educate this mother and her 7/8 year old daughter.

The following is our conversation:”

“First, I happen to be a very educated dirty man. I not only have a high school diploma, I also have a college degree and many medical certifications.

So assuming that I am uneducated because of my appearance is actually quite ignorant in itself.”

“Secondly, if you are telling your daughter to stay in school because I have tattoos up and down my arms, that will actually suppress her creativity and potentially hinder her imagination as she develops.”

“Again, contradictory to your point ma’am. I am proud of my tattoos and artwork that Forrest Bateman put on my body.

It’s a representation of my pride in my country and my service over multiple combat tours as a special operations medic.”

“Third, if you’re referring that statement to the hat (not featured) I’m wearing because it features an elk, you might not understand it.”

““I happen to co-own Evergreen State Outdoors and am proud to own an outdoors company and support my rights to hunt and responsibly be a gun owner.”

“Finally, I chose to work in a construction industry. I am proud to say that I am apart of building America and I enjoy my job everyday.”

“I tried working a desk job when I got out of the service and it wasn’t for me.

I enjoy working with my hands and being outdoors.”

“Subsequently, it comes with being dirty some days.

I make good money, have benefits, and am able to provide for my family without issue.

“So my appearance reflects nothing to do with my level of intelligence or pursuing a higher level of education.”

“I left the the two with a simple final statement of “have a good day and try not to judge people before you know anything about them.

Good luck with her little girl.”

“Today’s lesson for the day:

– Don’t judge people at first glance.

– Do what you love and enjoy and it’s never work.

– Blue collar jobs are the best jobs. They can pay great and it doesn’t always come with a price tag.”

“- Education is important, but college doesn’t guarantee you anything.

– Experience, hard work, and dedication allow you to be successful in your career path.”

“- When attempting to insult someone’s intelligence and education level, don’t allow yourself to be out educated by said dirty man.

– I need a shower.”

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