A Jockey Lost His Horse. Can You Help Him Find It?

Animals are something that most of us appreciate. Of course, if we happen to have a dog or cat in our family, they are more than just a pet, they are a family member. We might also appreciate wild animals, regardless of whether we see them in our backyard or if we are watching a nature video on the Internet. It just seems as if animals add so much to our lives and we can’t help but appreciate them and all they have to offer. We even enjoy looking at pictures of animals, which is what we have for you here.

When you look at the following picture, you will see a lot of people. It’s a vintage picture that was drawn to show some individuals that were there for a horse race. It includes the people that are in the audience, as well as the jockey who is going to be riding on the horse and eventually, will cross the finish line. There is a problem with this picture, however, and it has been stumping people for many years. The jockey may be there, but his horse seems to be missing! In reality, the horse is hiding right in front of you but you need to find it in the picture. Are you up for the challenge?

Try to find the hidden horse in this picture and then check the following page for the solution.

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