A Tricky Logic Problem Has People Baffled. See if You Can Solve It

My wife loves logic problems, and she recently got me into it. She said that she’s always enjoyed the challenge of having to really think something through. After doing a few logic problems myself, I can definitely see the appeal. They’re challenging and really get your brain working. Now I’m not saying that because I’ve worked a few logic problems, I’m a genius, and I’m also not saying that if you work puzzles, you will stave off dementia. However, it’s nice to work through some puzzles. It makes me feel a bit sharper, and hey if it feels like it’s helping me, why not continue, right?

In the puzzle below, you need to unlock a three-digit code. To get started read through all of the rows of numbers and start eliminating those that you know are wrong. If you’re diligent, you can figure it out. Good luck!

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