Challenge Your Mind With 3 ‘Unsolvable’ Brain Teasers

If there is one thing we need to do from time to time, it is to challenge ourselves. If we don’t challenge ourselves, we tend to become complacent and we might not ever advance as far as our interest in life and even our ability to solve problems. On the other hand, those who challenge themselves using a brainteaser on a regular basis may not only find that they are getting stronger, they may actually find that life is getting just a little bit easier. That is why we have the following brainteasers to test your abilities. Are you going to get them correct? Most people will fall short of the mark.

As you look down at the following three brainteasers, I don’t want you to get stuck on the details of what you are seeing. The solution is there and it really isn’t hiding, it’s just that most people are not thinking outside of the box enough to get the answer that is the one you should be finding. At any rate, give it your best shot but don’t give up too easily. Spend a little bit of time looking for the solution and trying to figure out where the puzzle is leading you. You can always check the next page to see if your solution was correct.

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