People Are Going Bonkers Trying to Find the Hidden Panda in This Image

The giant panda is one of the cutest animals in the world. These huge bears are native to South Central China and they’re famous for their bold black and white coats and round bodies. Pandas are one of the few bears who eat primarily grasses, including bamboo shoots and leaves, thereby making them a folivore. These big bears live in mountain ranges in China, mostly in Sichuan. Unfortunately, because of deforestation and farming, the panda has been mostly driven out of the lowland areas that it once inhabited. Because of this, pandas are a conservation-reliant vulnerable species.

According to a 2007 report, there were only 239 pandas living in captivity at that time in China, with 27 living in other countries. Estimates suggest that there are only about 1,590 of these beautiful beasts in the wild. To raise awareness about their plight, a lot of artists have created puzzles that depict pandas. This one below is one of those. In this apothecary image, there are lots of bottles, but there is a hidden panda. Can you find it?

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