Honeymooners Watch In Dismay As Their Cruise Ship Leave Them Stranded In The Bahamas

A distraught honeymoon couple was caught on camera trying to chase their Royal Caribbean cruise ship as it sailed away, leaving them stranded in The Bahamas. According to the couple, several crew members openly mocked them as they drifted off — leaving the honeymooners bewildered and angered.

Allesandro Di Palma and his bride Maria Gonzales Roesch would up stranded only minutes after arriving in Nassau, Bahamas. For those not familiar, Nassau is the legendary city the served as the setting for the popular American TV show “Black Sails.” On February 15, a day after Valentine’s Day, the couple stood on the dock as their cruise ship, named Symphony of the Seas, slowly drifted off into the distance.


Newlywed Gonzales Roesch, a well-known TV actress in her native country of Costa Rica, talked about the ‘nightmare’ moment she and her husband realized the ship was departed without them onboard. To make matters worse, their money and passports were also on the boat!

She told the website they began to panic as soon as they realized their visas, passport, and all of their credit cards were still onboard.

Thankfully, these items were brought to them by a smaller boat guiding the cruise ship out from the harbor.

A passenger on a neighboring cruise ship shot the video of the panicking couple as they waved frantically to get the cruise ship to stop.

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Video of the couple chasing down the ship soon went viral, and the actress later posted a message on her Instagram page revealing that she and her husband were the people in the video.

She also shared a couple of screenshots of articles talking about the video, joking that these were “vacay goals” while also complaining how the embarrassing video was now viral.

Later, she explained that the cruise was scheduled to level each port at exactly 5:30 pm, but the itinerary was suddenly changed on day six of their seven-day cruise.


The newlywed added that six other passengers made the same mistake and were left stranded as the boat sailed back to Miami, Florida.

Gonzales and her husband married in January and had been on their honeymoon when the incident happened.


The person who filmed the embarrassing scene from the deck of the Norwegian Bliss said the all-aboard call was sent out around 3:30 pm.

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Then at 4:15 pm, the ship’s crew began removing the gangway before closing the hatch.

Just five minutes later, the unaware couple, carrying shopping bags, walked up to the dock just as the ship was starting to pull away. The video shows the honeymooners holding up their arms in disbelief as they watch their cruise ship leave without them.

At first, the couple tried frantic waving and yelling, but their demeanor quickly sank into dejection once the ship’s propellers began churning the waters.


Other passengers onboard their cruise ship was seen blankly from their comfortable balconies at the scene as the couple began to shrank from view.

The video also shows the couple speaking with several dockworkers as the ship continues its departure.

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Finally, we see the forlorn couple watching silently as they look across the deep blue water at their slow traveling ride home.

The couple had to purchase one-way tickets from Nassau to Miami, which cost around $180 per ticket.

You can also watch a video about the couple’s story below.

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