Woman Asked To Give Up Bottle Of Cognac To Airport Security But Chugs The Bottle Instead

When we go on vacation, it is customary to bring back something that we can enjoy. We might even consider it to be a memento and even though we plan on consuming it when we get home, it is still something that we savor. It reminds us of the enjoyment that we had when we were on vacation and it provides us with even more enjoyment when we get home. For many of us, it comes in the form of a bottle of some type of alcoholic beverage.

That was what one Chinese woman experienced and she was bringing herself a fine bottle of cognac to enjoy when she was coming through the airport in Beijing. As it turns out, however, airport security did not necessarily agree with her decision to take the bottle of cognac on the plane so they stopped her because she was trying to get it through the checkout line. This Chinese woman, named Zaho, was perhaps in her 40s and she was carrying a bottle of cognac that was worth probably $200.

Of course, any of us who travel on a regular basis have grown accustomed to dealing with airport security. Sometimes it seems as if they can be a little strict with their regulations but we try to follow them to the greatest extent that we possibly can. After all, if we aren’t in compliance, it is likely that a scene is going to occur and we may even find ourselves being the next viral sensation on YouTube. We might also do something that is rather unusual, which is what this woman did.

When you have a bottle of liquor and try to carry it onto a plane, you are going to be stopped and asked to check it at the gate. Typically, you can go to the ticket counter and they will provide a box or you can simply slip it into your baggage. In addition, there may be options that are available to ship the beverage to your home. That isn’t what Ms. Zhao decided to do. She took the matter into her own hands and, after sitting in the corner, she drank the entire bottle on her own.

You really have to admire a person that is this determined to do something her own way. The unfortunate problem for this particular woman, however, is the fact that she had a difficulty holding her liquor. It wasn’t long before she began “acting wildly and yelling incoherently,” which is really no surprise considering she just drank an entire bottle of cognac. She ended up on the floor and that’s where the police found her when they arrived.

We are not really sure if this is how she planned on drinking the cognac but we do know that she got the opportunity to drink every last drop. In the end, Zhao was not able to board the flight because she was inebriated. At least she has an awesome story to tell!

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