These Outrageous Custom Cartoon Vehicle Creations Are Puts Boring Modern Cars To Shame

Imagine if someone time traveled from 2001 to 2021. When they look around, do you honestly believe they would immediately be able to tell they were in the future? After all, most things from then and today are pretty similar. People, more or less, wear the same kind of clothes, live in the same style of homes, and drive more or less the same styles of vehicles. We often fail to notice the design stagnation of the last 20 years until we see something so awesomely retro that it cracks our reality like a glitch in the matrix.

Recently Dennis Gage, the host of My Classic Car, met up with Ron Berry, a retired builder from Utah, and took a ride in one of his custom cartoon creations named the “Surf Seeker” Volkswagon Microbus.

YouTube Screengrab

You see, Ron designed and built this vehicle by hand.

YouTube Screengrab

The level of intricate detail in this gorgeous orange wonder is incredible! Ron sculpted his creation using the suspension from a 1965 Minibus, then added a 2775 air-cooled, supercharged engine giving this supped-up microbus 200 horsepower!

YouTube Screengrab

And check out this slick blue number Ron calls the “shorebreak.”

YouTube Screengrab

Just look at that wood siding! Amazing!

YouTube Screengrab

In the video below, we get an up-close and personal look at the Surf Seeker and Shorebreak.

You can also view more footage of the Surf Seeker in the video below, along with a brief glimpse of a mysterious yellow creation.

Need more Surf Seeker footage to drool over? We don’t blame you. Check out this video showing off even more of the vehicle’s insane engine!

Don’t you wish they made cars like this? Be sure to pass this story along to your friends and family.



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