99-Year-Old Woman Has Her Dream Come True When She Gets Arrested


As we move through life, we often come to realize that there are things we wanted to do and we never have the opportunity to do so. Some of them are simply checked off of our “bucket list” but others we tend to keep on the list and we hope that at some point in the future, we are able to accomplish those little dreams.

If you were to have the bucket list of 100 different people, you would see that everybody has something that is listed on it. In some cases it may even be something that you never even considered to be a goal in life. That is the case with this 99-year-old woman. Annie had a most unusual item on her bucket list and before she died, she wanted to make sure that she was able to check it off the list successfully.


Annie is the 99-year-old woman in this story and her bucket list item was something that you probably never even considered before. Prior to the time that she died, she wanted to be arrested and the local police department was able to come together to make sure that it was a reality for her. It was an official statement from the police station that said they allowed her to briefly sit in the cell fastened to handcuffs. Police officers had gone to her home to pick her up and carted her off to the police station.

The interesting thing is, citizens who are not guilty of a crime are not typically allowed to be in a jail cell. The police station made an exception for this interesting lady and now she can check this item off of her lifelong bucket list.

99-year-old Annie wanted to get arrested before dying, so local police locked her up

She was allowed to sit handcuffed in a cell for a few minutes after getting picked up at home

A rare exception was made for Annie to go behind bars, but it was worth it to see her smile

Let’s hope the rest of Annie’s bucket list goes well, since she clearly lives on the wild side

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