Man Offers To ‘Help’ Single Moms With His Rent A Daddy Service

It doesn’t matter who we are, we could all use a helping hand from time to time. The problem is, that a helping hand is not always there for us.

If you happen to be a single parent and live in New South Wales, Australia, you do have an option for a rather unique service. It is offered by James Jake, and he wants to help single mothers with his ‘Rent a Daddy’ service.

It may seem unusual, but it might just be what many single mothers need. Jake will be the father to your children that you need for $30 an hour.


He is offering to do things that a father should do for the kids. He will teach them life lessons and anything they might need to be successful in life.

After he posted this offer on Facebook, it ended up going viral. Most people thought that it was just a funny offer meant to get some attention but there were some women that were actually interested.

As you can imagine, it is difficult to raise a child on your own. You have to do everything that is typically shared between two people, from taking care of your health the taking care of the children.


On top of it, you may find that you have to do everything that is necessary along with working a full-time job. Getting a break is not always an option, so having a service such as this can really be of assistance.

We’re not sure if it started out as a joke or not, but James seems to have come up with an idea that has struck a chord. It will allow him to earn some extra money and will help some single mothers with what they need.

He ended up posting a ‘Rent a Daddy’ ad on Facebook. He asked some rather interesting questions, such as if your baby daddy has been acting up or if he puts drugs and his mates before his kids.

He then makes the offer to be the father, for $30 an hour. That seems like a fairly good price, considering all that he may offer.

He is willing to do more than simply hang out with the children. He will teach them about life and pick them up or drop them off. He will even go to a sporting event and cheer them on from the sideline.

He is also willing to provide additional services, such as taking family selfies and posting to Facebook. Those extra services will cost you more.

This may be just what a single mom needs. Then again, it could just be a way to make you feel better about life as you have someone with you during the difficult times.