Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million Then Tells Everyone What Isn’t Under 8 Feet Of Water


When most people look at the world around them, they see a lot of selfishness. If you really look closely enough, however, you will see that there is more to the world than social unrest and political upheavals. At times, you will find kind individuals who not only exist, they are doing remarkable things for others, including those that they don’t even know.

This has been seen most recently because of a tragic event that happened in Texas and Louisiana. Hurricane Harvey, which was recently downgraded to a tropical storm, has devastated the area. Not only were their injuries across both Louisiana and Texas, 31 people died so far as a result of the storm. In fact, there have been as much as 50 inches of rain in some areas!


When these things occur, it sometimes brings the best out in others. A look at the news will show you that there is more than devastation taking place, there are many people who are chipping in and doing their part to help. Shelters are opening up across the area, allowing the victims to get some needed rest and food. Volunteers have also started helping to ensure that their fellow man is not only safe, but they are comfortable. These people are committed to the rescue efforts and it is not only the everyday people, there are even many celebrities who have started to chip in as well.

You will likely notice many of the names that are on the celebrity list of those who are making donations. This video will tell you more about the devastation as well as the heros in Houston.

Some of the different celebrities who are taking part in this effort include Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashians, Beyoncé, Rachael Ray and The Rock. They are donating money to various charities including the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and even to smaller charities for the purpose of saving lost pets. Sandra Bullock is also included among the list of celebrities and it is truly close to her heart, because she owns a home in Texas.

Sandra Bullock has given the Red Cross $1 million to help the victims who have suffered as a result of hurricane Harvey. Elizabeth Penniman, the vice president of communications for the Red Cross has confirmed and is appreciative of the donation.

“It’s times like this when we do receive such an incredible amount of support. Especially during times of disaster, people see what’s happening in Texas and our hearts all go out to them,” Penniman said.

Bullock expresses the sentiments of many people when she says that it is time for Americans to pull together. Rather than focusing on their differences, she feels that they need to set those aside and help others.

“There are no politics in eight feet of water,” Bullock said. “There are human beings in eight feet of water.”

Bullock is more than happy to do her part in helping the victims of hurricane Harvey.

Brad Kieserman of the Red Cross has said that the worst is yet to come, even though the past weekend has been quite tragic.

Many people across the United States have been stepping in to help their fellow citizens who were touched by this tragedy. It is inspiring and motivating to see the generosity of celebrities, such as Sandra Bullock. Certainly, it is something to be remembered.

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