Fox Sneaks Into Home, Steals Cat’s Bed

There is nothing quite like having a warm and comfortable place to sleep. In fact, many of us will go out of our way to enjoy a great nap. It seems that this is not something that is limited to humans but even animals will look for a comfortable place to sleep. That is about to become obvious when you see this story about a fox who just couldn’t resist a warm bed, even if it was inside of the home.

It started when Meloney Blazye was getting ready for work and she saw something unusual when she was on her way to the bathroom. There was something in the cat’s bed and it wasn’t the cat.

“As I was passing the kitchen, I noticed these rather large ears,” she said. “I had one foot in the bathroom and one foot in the hall, and stepped back to look again. Yes, those were not cat ears!”

It was a fox, who had come in through an open window and was now resting in the cat’s bed while the cat was outside hanging out in the yard.

She turned on the light, hoping to scare the fox away but, to her surprise, the fox wasn’t going anywhere! It just stayed in the cat’s bed, glaring at her as if he was wondering why she was disturbing his sleep.

“I looked at him and he looked at me,” Blazye said. “He was not frightened of me at all.”

She wasn’t quite sure where to take things from here but she was wondering how she could get the fox out of the home without getting hurt in the process. It was her cat, George, who came in through the same window and started hissing at the fox.

“The fox didn’t take any notice,” Blazye said. “He was acting like another member of the family who had been there for years and was confused about what all the fuss was about.”

She was surprised at how calm the fox was and she didn’t have any signs of being sick. Finally, Blazye decided to tip the bed to remove the fox but the fox persisted until she couldn’t hang on any longer. She left through the window as quickly as she had come.

“If I had not shut the window after that, he would have came back in for sure,” Blazye said. “He didn’t want to be outside – I think he was cold. After that, he was at the window looking in at the cat and I for a few minutes before going on his way.”

She saw the fox under the deck in her neighbor’s yard but he didn’t come into her home again.

“The whole thing really blew me away,” Blazye said. “I have never been eye-to-eye with a wild animal like that – he was amazing to look at so close.”

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