Video Of A Lazy Seagull Riding On The Back Of Another Seagull

The world is a wild and wonderful place. In fact, you never quite know what you are going to see from one day to the next when you are just out there living your life. On some days, there may not be much to report and it could just be a normal day. Suddenly, out of the blue, you are thrust into one of the most unusual things you could possibly ever consider happening and you might not even believe it is true. That was the case with the person who shared this video. They weren’t expecting anything to happen that day but thankfully, they were ready to catch a video and it is going viral.

When you first see the video, it doesn’t look like much of anything. There are a couple of seagulls and they appear to be flying in close proximity to each other. I’m sure we have seen things similar in our lives and we probably don’t give them much thought. Suddenly, things came into sharper focus and you realize you aren’t just looking at a couple of seagulls flying together, one of those birds is actually hitching a ride on the back of the other bird.

As crazy as it sounds, these two birds are going more than flying together, they are literally flying together. One bird must have thought it was a good idea to take a break and rather than landing on the ground, he simply hopped on the back of his friend and took a ride.

This isn’t something that you see every day and, in fact, most people never saw it before. This is just one of those moments that was worth capturing and I’m sure it will live forever as an internet meme.