Celine Dion Demands ‘Leave Me Alone’ After Online Haters Shame Her for Being ‘Too Thin’

When most of us think of body shaming, we usually picture someone overweight or carrying a few extra pounds being scrutinized by critics who demand nothing less than their idea of “body perfection.” This dreadful social disease has driven thousands of insecure and vulnerable children and adults to harmful behaviors such as anorexia and even suicide.

Thankfully, these days there is a body positivity movement being led by courageous women who are challenging social norms and redefining the standard of beauty society has been conditioned to accept. However, not all those who are bullied are harassed for being overweight. Some are criticized for being “too skinny.” The reasoning many have for launching such criticisms is that they feel people who are too skinny are sending a harmful message. Little do they realize that this is the same rationale people use who criticize others for being overweight. Sadly, music legend Celine Dion knows all too well about body shaming, as many online have attacked her for her new, slimmer appearance.


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Since transforming, Celine has been wearing less risky but more fashionable outfits. She’s wearing clothes that make her feel more attractive. And she has a message for all her critics:

“I’m doing this for me. I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy.” If I like it, I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t bother. Don’t take a picture. If you like it, I’ll be there. If you don’t, leave me alone.”[1]


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There are also rumors circulating that she’s dating a new boyfriend. The mystery man might be her backup dancer, Peep Munoz. However, she’s yet to confirm the rumors. So far, she says currently she single.

She also spoke about the attention being put on him and how he’s handling it.

“It was probably overwhelming for him at the beginning when we started working together because we were dancing together. We bonded right away as friends, we had a good time. It evolved. But when people started to take pictures and it was like, ‘Who’s that guy? René?’ … Let’s not mix everything.”


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But, Celine doesn’t have any issues with people believing him to be her boyfriend either.

“We’re friends, we’re best friends. Of course, we hug and hold hands and go out, so people see that. I mean, he’s a gentleman. He’s giving me his hand to go out. I don’t mind because he’s handsome and he’s my best friend.”

Some say that he’s with her often because she’s in training and trying to stay in shape.

However, Celine makes it clear she doesn’t want to be bothered concerning her relationship status.

“By the way, when I say, ‘I am single,’ please, leave me alone. Thanks.”

She also speaks movingly about her late husband.

“He’s at peace and he’s resting and he’s always within me. I see him every day through the eyes of my children. He gave me so much strength through all these years. And so much for me to explore, for me now to spread my wings. The maturity that comes with age and time.”


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Celine loves her children, which include her eight-year-old twin boys and her 18-year-old son. Her oldest son is currently working in the entertainment industry as a DJ.


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You can also watch a video of Celine addressing the body-shaming issue below.

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