Mom Catches Nurse In Bed With Her Son At The Hospital

When we have children, the thing that is most important to us is that they are both happy and healthy. We even do what we can to look after them and their needs. Despite our best efforts, however, we will sometimes have to deal with sickness and it can be heartbreaking to see it happen. Our child is suddenly at the mercy of the doctors and, at times, the hospital. We want to believe that they will take care of them in the same way that we would but we realize that nobody loves our child more than we do.

Although that may be true, we are also sometimes given a peek behind the scenes at something that shows us just how well our children are being cared for. That happened in 2019 at a hospital in Pennsylvania when a 5-year-old boy named Slade went in to have his tonsils removed. His mother, Layla, was waiting for news about her son and she just wanted to comfort him when he woke up from the surgery. When the nurses came to get her, they told her she would have to wait outside while they checked his vitals. When she walked in, she saw something that moved her to tears.

As it turns out, Slade was having a difficult time waking up and the pain was more than he could take. Annie Hager was the nurse in the room with him and he asked her if she would snuggle with him to make him comfortable.

Of course, the mother was so taken by what she saw that she took a picture and shared it on Facebook. That photo went viral with many more people posting about their experiences and how nurses were there for them when they needed them most.

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