Someone Found A Purse Lost In The 50s And It’s Like Stepping Back In Time

When we lose something, we often spend a considerable amount of time looking for it. Sooner or later, however, we are going to give up and feel that whatever was lost is now lost forever.

Undoubtedly, that is how one high school student felt when she lost her purse back in the 1950s. She may have looked for quite some time to find it but unfortunately, that purse seemed to be gone forever.

Almost 70 years later, the purse was found by a school custodian. It had fallen down between some old lockers and the wall and when he saw it, he pulled it out and looked inside.

Little did he know that he was going to find what can only be described as a time capsule.

Someone talked about the story, saying:

“On May 29, 2019, North Canton Middle School custodian Chas Pyle heard a loud noise in a side hallway by the gymnasium. When he investigated the sound, he discovered that a piece of metal trim that covers a narrow opening between a set of lockers and the wall had become detached and fallen to the floor with a loud clang. As Pyle worked to reattach the trim, he noticed a red object at the bottom of the narrow opening, a purse covered with about six inches of dust.”

The student was only 14 years old when she lost the purse. The purse belonged to a 1960s high school graduate, Patti Rumfola. I’m sure she would welcome getting her purse back but unfortunately, she died seven years before the purse was found.

That didn’t stop them from getting in touch with the family and five of the children were there to open the purse. They were able to look back in time as it were into the mother’s life and what things were like when she was a teenager.

Eventually, the school was allowed to post pictures of the contents on its Facebook page. It has been shared thousands of times.

According to the caption:

Those of you who may have gone to school in the 1950s or 1960s may have memories of some of these items. In one of the photos, you will see nine coins from Patti’s wallet. Each of her five children kept one of the wheat pennies as a token of remembrance of their mom.