The World Can’t Stop Weeping at This Emotional Advert

People all over the world are getting the feels because of a commercial that was put out by Thai Life Insurance. In fact, the video on YouTube has been viewed 99 million times since it was uploaded and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. There are more than a million likes and 32K comments. People can’t get enough of it. The commercial pretty much says that no matter what life hands you, do good things for others, even if there is nothing in it for you. The message is powerful and emotional and it’s easy to see why everyone loves it so much.

In Eastern countries, it is apparently customary for advertisers to make these emotional commercials for TV. Is it exploitative? Maybe. But it makes people feel good, and perhaps for people who don’t have an entirely fair lot in life, it can help them feel better. It’s not just Thai companies who are creating these super sad commercials. Even Google has made these tearjerker commercials in Eastern countries. The ad that we’re talking about in this article is one by Thai Life Insurance and it’s called “Unsung Hero.” It shows a virtuous young man who goes around every day performing random acts of kindness.


As he does good things, scoffers shake their heads at him as if they can’t believe there is some kindness in the world. However, the young man is undaunted. At around the two-minute mark in the video, we start to see that his efforts are all worth it. The fact is, people like emotional content and when something goes viral, there is usually a lot of emotion of some sort attached to it. That’s no different with this commercial.


This nice young man does good things for children, homeless people, an old lady, and even a dog. Watch it below.